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why can’t you go to see her some weekend? :/

idk… she just moved back recently and we haven’t figured that out. I could ask, but I don’t know if that’d be good for my schedule or hers. she keeps having to go back to the doctors and she’s switching meds. I’ll ask, but I’m not sure. I hope I could though!

I really miss my mom ggg

Happy Easter, everyone! Took a few pictures with Baby Tattles :)





-Mercutio and Benvolio showing up in God awful matching sweaters like this one:


-Tybalt always managing to find the egg that has the ten dollar bill in it and everyone gets really really mad.

-Juliet is incredible at egg hunts. She has a sixth sense. (Courtesy of

"Quick, I’ll go hide them in the front yard. No one’s looking out there."

*tybalt leans against a wall in angst*

"juliet why can’t I find any eggs"

"juliet i’ve failed"

"tybalt it’s a game, chill"


And, like, five seconds later, he finds the egg with the money in it like EVERY OTHER YEAR and he gets tackled by some of the mini Capulets.



but really grantaire is that cat that leaves dead mice and birds in front of your door because he wants to please you so badly but doesn’t know how

are you implying that enjolras has, on occasion, woken up to a corpse on his doorstep


To love another person is to see the face of God.
Do it for the vine

Marcellus to Horatio; Hamlet, 1.1

#’yo Horatio go speak to that ghost lol we’ll film it go on Horatio go on pleeeeeeease

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my friend called and I tried to say that she was just a natural born genius but I accidentally said natural born jesus

hhhh I should scan this it would look a lot better

hhhh I should scan this it would look a lot better


How are you?